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Know Your Wool: A Prep Primer for Beginners

Workshop Details

Schedule: Sat, 9:30 – 11:30
Length: 2 Hours
Ticket: $52

Description: Longwool, short staple, woolen, worsted, carded, combed, hand, roving vs top, from the fold, in the grease – what is a diz? Do I really need a flick carder? What are neps? Silk, bamboo, wool and artificials versus natural…There is so much that goes into spinning before spinning! Learn the basics of fiber prep and have common questions answered, like when you should card and when you should comb, how to handle each process and the tools and best practices associated with each prep and why woolen versus worsted matters.

A discussion of longwool and short staple breeds and how to source your wool with a fiber artist with a background in breeding and wool sourcing will be included. Learn the difference between roving and wool top and learn how to create your own with access to fiber tools and resources during class and working demonstration of drum carding, combing and how to blend through use of carders and blending boards. A class that covers it all with demonstrations and open question and answers sessions for the fiber-curious. Includes suggestions on handmade tools for beginners looking to begin prep. Students will receive a supply of wool that they will work with to create a set of blended rolags at the close of class to use in future spinning classes with use of a blending board. Blending board use is provided during the course of class with the option to purchase at the close of class for an additional materials fee.

*Workshop ticketing will include an additional $1, as a donation to the Arts Council of Wyoming County. This donation supports rural arts and artists working in your communities. This donation will be added to your transaction at checkout and is non-refundable. Thank for being a patron of the arts!

Classes requires a minimum number of students to run, as set by your instructor. If this class is canceled, the call to cancel and refund will be made 48 hours prior. Workshops are non-refundable except in cases where the class is canceled by ACWC. They may be transferred.

Instructor: Tami Fuller
Skill Level: Beginners
Minimum Class Size to Run: 5
Age: Adult (16+)
Students Should Bring:

Website: www.oneblubirdstudio.com
Social: https://www.instagram.com/blubirdstudio/

Bio:Tami Fuller is a second-generation fiber artist and educator. Her work integrates the traditional foundations of hand-constructed processes with modern technique. Her workshops are designed with an eye toward revitalizing and modernizing fiber, ensuring the continuation of these skill sets by exposing the art form to new people within new contexts. She teaches retreats and workshops throughout the North East. Her work has received awards from NY Sheep and Wool and the Carnegie Art Center. In 2022, she was defined as a WNY artist culture-maker and a recipient of the NY Council on the Arts “Creatives Rebuild NY” grant, tasked with rebuilding arts access post-COVID. She has shown in several solo and group shows locally and her work can be found in collections in the United States and Australia.