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GUIDELINES for exhibitions in the Main Gallery:

  1. Artists desiring to exhibit at the ACWC Gallery must fill out a Gallery Proposal form and submit it to ACWC along with 6 – 10 photos, slides, or samples of work, as well as supplemental materials (artist resume, artist statement, description of work). If work is in progress, a detailed description of the project should be attached.
  2. There is no charge for exhibiting at the ACWC Gallery but ACWC will receive 20% commission from the artist of the retail price of all work sold.
  3. All paintings and drawings must be framed and wired and ready for hanging.
  4. The Gallery has some display pedestals available. Check with ACWC staff if you have special display needs.
  5. The ACWC Gallery Committee reserves the right to restrict the number and size of items to be displayed.
  6. The ACWC Gallery Committee reserves the right to restrict subject matter.
  7. The artist will bring in work as scheduled. Artist will hang his/her own work. The complete exhibit will stay up for the full time allotted. Artist will take down work as scheduled.
  8. ACWC will provide light refreshments for an Artist Reception. Artist is responsible for mailing invitations to his or her guest list.
  9. ACWC will publicize the exhibit and opening, and provide some display materials such as a price list or programs and/or identifying labels for artwork for exhibit in the main gallery.
  10. The artist will submit a list and description of work at least two weeks prior to show for ACWC to use in the creation of any display materials to be included with exhibit.
  11. The artist will send publicity materials such as bio, exhibit information and photo two weeks before deadline of newsletter corresponding with exhibit (by Dec. 1st for Jan./Feb./Mar., Mar. 1st for Apr./May/June, June 1st for July/Aug./Sept., Sept. 1 for Oct./Nov./Dec).
  12. Insurance is the responsibility of the artist.
  13. Any packing and shipping charges, insurance costs, other handling expenses and risk of loss or damage incurred in the delivery of the works of art from the artist to ACWC and in their return shall be the artist’s responsibility.
  14. Selections for exhibits are made by ACWC’s gallery committee.
  15. Individuals wishing to display a collection of artwork must hold title of works of art to be displayed, or have written permission of owner of artwork for display. Proposals for exhibits of collections will be evaluated based on the quality of the work in the collection (below), as well as its historical and local interest.
  16. Artists wishing to collaborate should each be listed on proposal form (including individual contact information), and each artist should submit slides, photos and/or samples of work, along with additional material requested (above).


Individual artists, these are the criteria our gallery panel will be considering when determining whether or not to exhibit your work:

  1. Technical facility evidenced in the work
  2. Originality*
  3. The artist’s credentials and exhibit experience
  4. The strength of the artist’s statement, description of work and ideas
  5. The consistency of the artist’s style, and evidence of a cohesive exhibit
  6. The artist’s availability
  7. The suitability of the artwork for the space
  8. Other factors, such as local interest.

* Copied work should clearly state the name of the artist who authored the original work copied. Work completed in a class or workshop setting in which the artist was a student, or copied from sources such magazines or photos taken by another artist is not encouraged. Incorporation of materials from found sources into original collaged or assembled pieces is considered to be fair use.

Proposals for installations will be considered based on the artist’s clear description of the installation and its concept. Use of found objects and existing artwork, when incorporated into an installation, is acceptible. Other exceptions will be made at the committee’s discretion.

ACWC artist members in good standing wishing to exhibit in our upstairs Members’ Gallery should contact the Arts Council.

Our Mission

To bring art to the people and people to the arts by:
• Providing services to artists
• Fostering connections between artists and community
• Offering a safe space for all people to express self and art