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Ciaran Spence - 2018 Rising Star Artist

The Rising Star Art Grant is awarded annually to a current, recently graduated college student or a young artist up to the age of 29 who has consistently pursued a visual art career and is currently producing work.

The award includes a free booth space at the Letchworth Arts & Crafts Show, publicity, and a solo exhibition at the ACWC's Main Building.

This award is valued at $1,000; it covers the cost of the registration, booth fee, lunch for the three days of the festival, a basic tent and a $200.00 stipend for materials used to prepare for the solo exhibition.

Criteria and requirements

Applicant must meet 3 or more of the following:

  • Attend a college in Upstate NY.
  • Live in Upstate NY.
  • Be enrolled in a two or four year college. 
  • Is no older than 29 years old.  
  • Have produced a significant body of work in the last three - five years. 

Applicant must submit by email to on or before December 31st:

  • A brief statement addressing your reason for submitting the grant application
  • An artist's statement 
  • A brief biography (one page maximum)
  • A photo (at least 300 DPI jpg)
  • A few images (up to 10) of current/past work

Applicants will also be required to participate in an interview, which would include a portfolio/craft review.

For more information, please contact Jackie Hoyt at 585-237-3517 to schedule time to talk about the application and process.


Rising Star Art Grant Application

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