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ACWC's Grants and Scholarship Opportunities

Each year, the Arts Council for Wyoming County supports community arts programs, established individual artists, arts education, and young artists through our grant and scholarship programs. If you are interested in learning more about these programs, look explore the links to the left. 


Decentralization Re-grant Program
The Arts Council for Wyoming County offers grant opportunities to non-profit community groups and organizations via the New York State Council on the Arts' Decentralization Re-grant Program. Click here for more information. 

Arts Education Scholarship
Arts Education grants support the role that local cultural organizations and/or individual artists can play in engaging K-12 public school students in rich artistic learning experiences.  These funds are designed to support arts education projects in K-12 public school settings. Click here for more information.

Balus Grants
High School Students in Wyoming County can receive assistance to explore learning opportunities in the Arts through the Arts Council for Wyoming County's Balus Foundation Grants for Young Artists. Click here for more information. 

ACWC & Creekside Fabrics Visual Arts Scholarship
The scholarship will be awarded  each year to one high school student who wishes to further his or her  studies in visual arts: Photography, fiber arts, ceramic, carpentry, drawing and painting. Click here for more information.

Instrument Exploration Scholarship
Students between the ages of 10 & 16 who wish to learn an instrument, may apply for an “Instrument Exploration Scholarship” through The Arts Council for Wyoming County. Click here for more information.

Rising Star Scholarship
This scholarship is valued at $10,000.00; it covers the cost of the registration, booth fee, lunch for the three days of the Letchworth Arts & Crafts Show, a basic tent, and a $200.00 stipend for materials to prepare for the mandatory solo exhibition in January. Click here for more information.

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