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Individual Artists Grants


The Arts Council for Wyoming County encourages artists and arts groups to apply for project funding in one of two categories. They may apply in the Community Arts program or through an initiative specifically designed for artists to create new work within a community setting. This opportunity is designed to increase support for local artist initiated activity and to highlight to role of artists as important members of the community. Funded projects must contain a public component.

Individual Artists and Artist Groups May Use Community Arts Grant application

This category is for interpretive artists, such as actors, musicians and dancers as well as all artists who are requesting more or less than the flat sum to be awarded in the Creative Collaborations category or those who have a very strong collaborative relationship with a community non-profit group.

Individual artists or collaborating artists are eligible if sponsored by an organization meeting the requirements described on the Community Arts Grant pages and using the Community Arts Grant application, and the following is provided with application:

  • A letter of commitment from the sponsoring organization stating its willingness to fulfill all obligations and duties as a fiscal and administrative agent for a grant award.
  • Indication in the application narrative that funds will be used for cultural or artistic programs or services in Wyoming County.
  • Proof of Wyoming County Residency. 

In addition, an artist group, such as a writer's group, musical group, or collaborating artists must be based in Wyoming County to be eligible.

Artist Community Collaboration Application

Artists who are interested in creating new work that includes the community in the creative process should consider applying in this category. In 2016, there will be two grants of $2500 awarded. No partial grants will be awarded. This category is open to interpretation. Examples might include interviewing a community group to develop characters for a work of fiction, creating portraits of community members, using the physical labor of community members to create or construct artwork, or collecting recyclable materials in the community for creating art work.  It will be evaluated using the following selection criteria.

Selection criteria are ranked as follows;

  1. Artistic merit of the artist’s submitted work.
  2. Creative use of the Wyoming County community in the artistic process
  3. Feasibility of the project with the funds allotted.

    The Artist Community Collaborations application form should be used to apply.


Download Application Forms

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