Wyoming County Rural Arts Initiative's Microenterprise Program

Wyoming County Rural Arts Initiative's Microenterprise Program

Thank you to all who submitted applications to be considered for the Wyoming County Rural Arts Initiative’s Microenterprise Program.  

No more applications will be accepted at this time.  If you were not aware of the program before the submission deadline, you may learn more about the program by reviewing the content below.  A second round invitation to apply might be  considered for a later time but that has not been decided.  


This grant  that will offer funding uniquely tailored to assisting artists and artisans in establishing and enhancing businesses involved in the creative arts.  Administered by the Wyoming County Business Assistance Corporation with support from the Arts Council for Wyoming County and the Wyoming County Chamber of Commerce and Tourism, the program is open to individuals who will work in Wyoming County, rely on their artistic creations to produce income, and operate as a business in any form.  Both new and existing businesses are eligible.

Funding for the program, which was provided to Wyoming County as a grant from the New York State Office of Community Renewal, will be available to subsidize the cost of studio or maker space, rent for gallery space and other display venues, art supplies and equipment, access to e-commerce opportunities, and other operating costs typically incurred in the creation of art for the commercial market.

Application forms can be downloaded at
or requested by e-mail to Chris Snyder at
Submissions for the initial funding round are due by June 21st.

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